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For the creation of our website, we have taken the utmost care; to the best of our knowledge. mgm Software is eager to keep the information on this website as current as possible and to provide content correctly and completely. Still, we cannot fully exclude the possibility of the occurrence of potential mistakes. Insofar, mgm Software rejects any liability or guarantee about the quality of the information and views, their completeness, content-related correctness and currency, which are distributed by said website. Liability claims for consequences due to potential incorrect information or damages of any material or non-material nature via correct or faulty use or non-use of the provided information are generally debarred; negligence implicates, as long as there is no verifiable intentional or gross negligent fault exists.

This holds true especially for other websites, which refers to our website via hyperlink. At the time of the linking, there were no known infringements. We do not take any warranty and responsibility for contents; we have no possibility to influence them. Furthermore, they do not represent personal opinion; they serve only for information purposes.


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mgm Software is eager to respect all right of third parties (copyright and labelling-right). Contents that are protected in such a way, are marked as such on this website and image creaters are listed in the imprint. We want to refer to the fact, unintended mistakes concerning labelling, the concerned content is not free and due to that, any editing, duplication, processing and any use demands a written consent of the respective creator.

Said website of mgm Software is being maintained regularly and carefully. Should there still be any inconsistencies, we ask you for an according reference for mgm Software. In case of legal infringements, we will act immediately.

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