With easybooking simply better online booking

Your guests are part of the world wide web and want to be able to book your campsite quickly and uncomplicatedly also outside business hours With easybooking they are able to do so directly online on your website – completely integrated into your website. This saves you time and provides flexibility for the guest. 

Here you can also make use of the possibility that your guest are not only able to book a space, but also an area. Additional services can also be selected immediately and guests are already transmitting important data for your system. Profit also from the direct connection to your easycamp system.

„easy booking as a bonus for your guests and your easycamp“

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Booking system & administration software

The perfect unified solution for your needs from one source.

Implementation options

Choose between a light and full version. Is price information for your guests in the foreground, where your reception carries out bookings, or do you want to offer your guests a direct booking option. With easybooking, you can choose according to your needs.

With easybooking Light you focus on the basics for your guests, a price calculator, and organise your requests yourself. Your guests have the possibility to contact you beforehand about everything concerning their stay and costs and send specific requests to you. You yourself will have less requests about costs, but more requests for bookings.

Your guest is provided with a calculator in accordance with your offer. Here, they give various pieces of information about their desired stay: such as, among others, the type (e.g. tent space, motor home, caravan), the duration of the stay, category, additional services and fellow travellers. On the basis of these details, the guests ultimately receive a cost breakdown. Now the guests are able to send a request to you, however, are not able to carry out a direct booking online.

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With the full version of easybooking, you have decided on real online booking and with this can enjoy all the benefits and additional functions.

Different options for the implementation:

  • Your guests book online via a booking area, that is individually fitted to you, on your website.
  • easybooking will be directly incorporated into your own website – stand alone or via IFrame.
  • You will receive a design that is modern and tailored to your company, multiple languages and a simple data input.
  • You can choose between fully automated data transfer from easybooking into easy camp or automated data implementation via E-mail.
  • Enable your guests to contact you directly via a contact form within eaysbooking.
  • Generated E-mails can easily be transferred into the system.
  • You decide if you want to offer your online booking with or without payment options at the time of the booking by the guest.
  • For direct payment, there are various providers and methods (e.g. Viveum, Pay Unity, hobex, Virtual Pos)


  • Profit from live and online availably queries, that are shown simply and clearly.
  • With easybooking you can decide individually per arrangement, to which level your guests are able to book (area, category, space).
  • If you do not allow for a precise space booking, the system will support you with space allocation and you are in full control over the happenings and capacity at your site.
  • Your guests receive alternate suggestions, if what they chose to book is not available.
  • Your guests can also directly book packages or additional services online.
  • The data implementation can be done to whatever degree you like by your customers themselves, which makes check-ins easier.
  • No double data implementation thanks to communication between easybooking and easycamp.
  • Take care of your price and data maintenance (e.g. packages) just once and then simply transfer them from your easycamp into your easybooking.

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Convince yourself of the new easybooking 2.0.

Your easybooking process of choice

Data transfer, payment, contact and check-in with your easybooking. Decide yourself with your choice of implementation version how you want to transfer your booking data from your easybooking to your easycamp system: fully automated or semi-automatic via E-mail. Link this process with any direct payment and final purchasing options for your guests.

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